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I find those lists very interesting, but they don't particularly capture the essence of dread as I experience it.

Dread for me is a feeling I feel right in my core, sometimes I get a feeling like the bottom has literally fallen out of my stomach, and it is almost always accompanied by a sensation in the region above my stomach, but beneath my lungs, like a strong contracting feeling.

My mood is often a bit on the irritable side too, I'm quiet and say very little, but then I snap at people about minor things.

I recognise that I do, do some of the things on the list, in other situations, but not particulary out of dread. When I read them some of them sound a bit "theatrical". The best way I can describe it is that for me, dread is a very 'inward' feeling, whereas a lot of the things described are quite 'outward'

Don't know if that makes any sense?

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