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I found that post interesting, Joanna.  I'd like to think that I listen to my heart, and maybe I do more than I think I do after reading this post.  Let me clarify, before reading this I thought that I listened to my heart most of the time, after reading it I thought, Hmm, I don't think I do so much, but maybe that thought is wrong. 

I don't know if it was so much my heart that wanted to not get up off of the couch this morning and go to the gym, or the fact that I was tired, but I made myself get up and go and do it.  I would much rather have stayed snuggled up on my couch with my cats.  Is it my heart, body or mind that tells me that I want to take the subway or the bus instead of walking?  I do know my heart is not the one that has me walking in the end, instead of taking public transportation.

Lots to think about.  I think I'll go blog now.

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