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Shh...you are kicking butt here!  So proud of all of your accomplishments this year. You sound like you are really in such a good place for your recovery work to flourish.

I have always been fairly independent.  Perhaps an anomoly amongst my peers here.  I did have some separation issues as a young child...the normal stuff, I think.  As an adult, I actually enjoy being single with my girls.  I don't feel I have to have a partner, however it would be nice to not be afraid to have a partner. 

As far as my therapist is concerned, I have been very, very lucky.  I have been seeing her since 1996.  Back in the day she took insurance, now she is mostly self pay.  She works with me at a greatly reduced fee.  I can see her as often as I like.  I am usually able to afford two to three times a month. 

I do think about what will happen when she retires.  She is at retirement age now, although I don't see her as the type to retire at a traditional age.  She doesn't need the money, I don't think...she really loves what she does.  I do dread the thought of this happening.  I have shared so much with her.  I hope to finish my therapy before she retires, as to not have to start over with someone new. 

This week I will see her on Wednesday.  As I stated in a previous post, I plan to email her my thoughts and fears on the whole abuse issue.  I want to really get this out, and start doing the work.  I want to get moving with my life.  Part of this push is because I do want to work on this with her, and no one else (in terms of face to face). 

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