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My anxiety is running a freaking marathon, that's for sure.  It didn't help that when I was turning my light out to go to bed last night, a HUGE waterbug was crawling on my nightstand.  I FREAKED and jumped out of bed.  I've never seen one in my apartment, ever, and right before bed.  Of course then I really couldn't sleep.

I feel like I have no skills and am not qualified to do anything.  I have a master's degree in Journalism, you'd think I'd feel like I'm capable of something.  I got out of the field, and you're correct, I don't love my job, but I feel like everything that I'd want to do, my dream jobs, are impossible to land.

I hate this!!!  Of course the stress is really killing my appetite, which might be an issue when I get weighed on Friday.  Blah!

I'm going to check out that site.  Thanks.

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