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Great, Shh. 

Writing it out as you have may bring you more clarity about the issues you are dealing with.

Yes, turf competition and status issues occur within the profession in terms of degrees, licenses, associations and income.  When people do not fit into expected stereotype packages feathers get ruffled. 

So another set of  personal challenge you face include:

Will you figure out what is expected of you and shape yourself to fit?  

Will you figure out what you genuinely care about, decide what your goals are, honor your integrity and let all that be your guide?

If these choices are in conflict, do you need to choose one over the other and pay the consequences?  

Or can you find a diplomatic and gracious way to attend to both as you build not only your expertise as a therapist but also the necessary skills you need to prosper in your profession?

Time to watch Good Will Hunting again???  :)

Welcome to "the impossible profession."

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