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Sorry Tracy...I didn't see this until now. I am starting to go down a similar route with my 9 year old daughter - in the last 6 months she's crossed the line from being at the larger end of the healthy weight range for her age, into the "overweight" section...and I don't really know what to do, I have tried the "healthy eating" tack, but it had little effect, I tried asking her if there were any sports or activities she would like to try but she hasn't come back to me with anything. I've recently moved her off school cooked meals on to packed lunches, because the school insist that they eat most of their meal even if they are full, and I suspect that they give her larger than average portions, as it is natural to dish up portions for a child according to their size...it was actually her suggestion to change, so she seems happy with that. But I don't want to obsess about her food and I don't want her obsessing with food...we eat to live, not live to eat...and maybe that's just it, maybe I don't encourage her to "live" enough...especially since her sister (who's now 3) was born, as it was difficult to juggle everyone's needs and I suppose hers were attended to less well than they had previously been, and she has developed what I consider to be an unhealthy relationship with electronic gadgetry, in that it is how she chooses to spend most of her spare time. So now that my little one is a bit older, I'm currently trying to get her to broaden her activities a little, and see if that helps.

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