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I'm writing here because it feels safer than the Forum right now with all the spamming going on. 

Kym - I wanted to tell you that learning how to tolerate and react in a safe way to feelings of shame is a big theme in my recovery. I think shame is what fed my life long time under-the-radar low eating behaviors. I know that BIG shame is what a transitioned me into a full blown ED a couple of years ago. I get triggered every day by shame -- in fact I deal with it on and off all day at work.

I recognize shame now. It usually says I'm not good enough or I've made a huge mistake or people can see how bad I am. It hits me fast and hard in my gut and my reaction is to panic and I always have the urge to restrict. It's very exhausting. I'd like to learn how to deal with it in a healthier way.

One thing that has really helped me start to understand what shame is about is a very cool TED talk by Brene Brown http://www.ted.com/talks/brene_brown_listening_to_shame.html. She also has a very cool web site brenebrown.com. My T and my RD both told me to watch the shame video. 

I too hope Joanna will write about shame.

Thanks for bringing the topic up Kym.


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