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My daughter who has autism, also has sensory integrative disorder. Part of the presentation is either an extreme attraction to stimuli, or the inability to handle any stimuli. My daughter has to constantly touch me. I can't sit down to relax without her rubbing my arms, my legs, my hair, my ears. You cannot put a piece of paper inbetween us when she sits next to me. She is always telling me she wants to "rub". We are going to be starting Occupational Therapy to work on alternate ways for her to get her sensory gratification. Long way to my point here. I was talking to my therapist yesterday about how much my anxiety is adding to my depression. I almost dread coming home some days, because i just can't deal with my velcro child. I try to set limits with her, but she just doesn't listen. she cries when she can't get her comfort. We both suddently came to the realization that all of this touching and rubbing is quite distressing and anxiety provoking for me, not only because it is annoying, but because there are clear boundary violations here. I feel like I am victim to this endless assault to my personal space. I know she doesn't understand all this, but now I see the connection between how persistent she is in touching and rubbing me, and my feelings of powerlessness when my boundaries were crossed as a child. I want to scream "leave me alone" to my daughter, "stop touching me"....and sometimes I actually do. I have been feeling so guilty because I often dread coming home to her at night. It is interesting to see this connection. tracy

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