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Let us know how that affects your experience, shh. So many ways to manifest loyalty. Bottom line is being steadfast as you go through what you go through with respect for our experience no matter what it is. A vital point is that we can give ourselves compassion, caring, respect and loyalty for our experience without acting out our feelings. So if we are mad, glad, sad, frightened, outraged, lost and confused we acknowledge that these feelings did not come out of the blue. They mean something to us and give us clues about ourselves that are valuable for growth and development. We remain loyal to ourselves in that way. We also are loyal to ourselves by restraining our actions. Mad - don't hit. Glad - don't go over the top in spending energy or resources. Sad - don't isolate. Frightened - don't ignore signals and don't do anything destructive. Outraged - don't let self righteousness destroy what you value. Lost and confused - don't surrender your power to others. Be loyal to your experience so you can think it through and make healthy, sane and caring decisions for action. Mmm - should I add this to the original post?

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