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Dear Kym,

I'm glad to know you found this post so relevant.  It's a rewrite of something I wrote before I wrote Healing Your Hungry Heart.  The concept is in Healing Your Hungry Heart.  Maybe I said it more clearly in this post.  Or maybe you missed it in my book.

Your post is a reminder to me that we need to keep ourselves exposed to healing and expansive information so that we can access it when we are ready.

That's why I have so many books!  I'm now reading classics and finding relevant meaning for me that I missed in the past.  :)

Your post encourages me to keep on going into the back rooms of my site, plulling out neglected posts, rewriting them as needed and bringing them into the light.

Thank you, Kym.

P.S. If you are going to print out the post, please lprint out this corrected version.  I found so many typos in the first!

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