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Joanna, today I decided to start the book over from the beginning. I do not feel that I have been "working" the excercises to their full benefit for me. I feel that I have been somewhat skimming the chapters as I have been so full of distraction and as my mood has been very low recently. I have two comments/questions. You wrote that many people in or near deep recovery work share these types of imagery memories. I would not have thought that I am anywhere near recovery work, or perhaps I don't recognize that I am?? If I am, this is certainly encouraging to me, as recovery work is something I am yearning to begin. My second question is personal and you don't have to answer. However, in reading your first chapter over again, I am left with wondering a little more about your earlier childhood experiences. You begin your story as a young teen. Did your bulimia start with the realization that you could eat whatever you wanted and still be thin? Or did you have earlier childhood situations that set the stage for this type of mindset? I only ask because I find your story so encouraging. I am in awe of someone such as yourself who can battle such a long term eating disorder and come back with such a positive story, along with hope and encouragement for others. A comment you made in chapter one, that the first step in your recovery was to believe you had a future, stands out to me, as I often realize that I don't see my life more than a year (max) down the road. I think for me, the reason for this is due to always having my guard and defenses up, not daring to hope or dream for a better life. Again, thank you for sharing your story. tracy

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