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Joanna thanks for this inspiring photo and It's metaphor, this really resonated with me today and have now placed the photo as my screen saver. I find so much strength from its colors and vibrancy, feels kind of majestic! I am having a very difficult time just now, trudging yep sometimes it has felt like through quicksand but like Tracy I am putting myself together every day and sometimes it,s hard. I understand yes this is a huge time of change in the right direction. My loyalty unfortunately has been to others and have learnt the hard way not todo this anymore so am learning now to be loyal to myself. The most difficult part of recovery for me is relationships and my role in them. People still try to put me in a "box" my family and friends who have know me for a while and it really started to make me angry and frustrated as they still wanted to see me as "sick" . Am in recovery not sick!! The result then is isolate from these people which also doesn't serve me . Gives me time to focus on being loyal to myself though doesn't it! Right am going back to look at my mountain !!

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