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I was at work today when the news of Sandy Hook came across my computer. At the time I first saw it seven children had been killed. As the death toll mounted I felt myself become very saddened as I myself have two children, one is a kindergartner. I can't imagine losing either of my kids.  When I look at my 5 year old as she sleeps here next to me, I can't imagine losing her like that, losing her at all. She is innocent, naive.  I hurt for those precious children as I can only imagine how horrified they were. I am grieving for the souls of those that died.  I feel for the children and the post traumatic stress that they  will likely encounter from this event. To suddenly have your safety and security ripped out from underneath of you is so  unfair. I have not been able to bring myself to watch ANY news coverage of this today. It's all just too much. I pray for the families and the community of Newton, Connecticut.

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