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haha...so I just practiced slowing down with the simple act of putting my dishes away. I actually had to talk myself through the action of bending over to get the dishes out of the dishwasher, standing and sorting and placing...and had to be mindful of how I do this so fast...for instance, usually I rush so fast during this act that I drop things, or spill things or bump into things. Why? I don't know. I do this with everything I do. So, I said to myself, slow down today while doing the dishes. there is no rush. you have nowhere to go. nothing will be accomplished by rushing through this except to make you more anxious and panicky. slow down. So, I slowed down...ok..no huge revelations, no earth-shattering epiphanies, BUT, I felt a little proud of myself that I started this process..this process of slowing down. Allowing myself to have split seconds of down-time. I want to do this tomorrow with getting ready for church, with going to the gym with my kids, with that "stress" that I need to hurry so I can get that treadmill I want back by the window, the one that has the best tv picture for NFL network (some of them are blurry)and the one that is under the fan....hahaha...I hope you guys get this...rushing makes me so anxious. I don't think i ever really breath...i really don't. ??? tracy

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