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Ah, Tracy, When you keep a calendar you are confronted almost immediately with reality. The pain and shock that comes from exploding magical thinking to bits can be staggering. But it's a wonderful experience for your life and the lives of people around you. Magical thinking is a big part of pre-recovery thinking. You don't recognize it because you believe it. But....a calendar will show you reality. It will show you your limits. It will show you what you really can do. And it will inspire you to streamline, be more efficient. It will also show you the real cost of the time you spend engaged in unhealthy thinking and unhealthy activities. All of this, when met with determination and courage - even when you are dismayed, tired and have temporary lapses - builds your self-esteem. I should probably rewrite this post for a blog entry. It's the right accompaniment to the self-esteem building. Agree?

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