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More now on my copy editing saga for Healing Your Hungry Heart, my self help eating disorder recovery book.  Now I'm working on the edits for the chapter on secrets.

Every page is a challenge! As I get into the comments from my brilliant editor I discover that I've been holding back in my writing because of my conditioning as a psychotherapist.  Good grief.  I'm writing about how, when you have an eating disorder, you accumulate the terrible burden of secrets. Moreover, I'm writing about how those secrets reinforce fear and shame that underlie an eating disorder.

This is important material.  But I am not giving away confidential information about anyone.  I'm not breaking any confidences. I think I'm so attentive to the boundaries of my professional work that they spread over to my writing where they don't apply.

Once again, this book writing adventure parallels eating disorder recovery.  When I recognize the necessary boundaries I need to honor and free myself from restrictive boundaries I don't need to honor, my writing takes off again. 

My creativity opens up and what were baffling problems melt away.


Have you been living and working within restrictive boundaries?  Are you keeping secrets that limit your life? Coming to grips with unnecessary boundaries and debilitating secrets is essential in eating disorder recovery (and writing books).

Please share your thoughts and experiences.







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