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I'm heart broken over the shootings in Tucson, especially Christina Green's death at nine years old.

The level of acceptable violence seems to be climbing in our country.  Violence sells. 

But this climate of violence makes it easier for a person to make a violent choice.


There's a moment before an act when a person chooses again. Sometimes it's as brief as a split second, yet that split second is enough to stop an act that could bring agony, destruction and death to herself or others. The pause in that moment gives a person the opportunity to breathe and rethink.

It's that tiny pause that stops destructive behavior of all kinds. In that pause a person can decide not to kill or hit or steal. A person can decide not to binge or throw up. A person can decide not to verbally attack or spew malicious gossip.  It's a pause that gives us all a second chance to reconsider

But, as violence becomes more acceptable the power of that tiny pause grows weaker. I hope and pray that all of us will find a way to replace abhorrent violent rhetoric with statements of peace and respect for others. 

My twitter friend at @BookMD wrote that the callous hate directed toward a child made her feel sick.  Feeling sick when exposed to hate and violence is a healthy response.  If we all felt more sick at the sight of cruelty and violence perhaps we would help discourage this culture of violence and help allow respect and compassion to take the lead.


RIP Christina.

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