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I just read this article on your facebook post Joanna... it made me cry!I have a friend who already lives in fear of her 6 year old son with special needs, his condition means that he is bigger than average for his age, and wears the clothes of a child twice his age, he is often very violent and overpowers her when her husband is at work, even when they two of them are present they struggle to take control in those situations... she fears what will happen as he gets older, he has so many professionals working to try to help him, but it is like his is already "beyond the system", certain teams aready cannot work with him because of the dangers of his unpredictable aggression and violence.

When I read that article, it just made it hit home how her, and her son's future may look...

...I find it quite heartbreaking

But who knows the answers? How do we provide for these children and their families? Are things ever likely to change?



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