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Ahh Joanna, it's so interesting that you've posted this, as things have slipped a little recently and I'm just trying to tighten everything up a bit, and get myself back into a good routine, ready to face the impact of the Christmas festivities.

By "tightening up", I mean getting to bed early enough, cutting refined carbs, and making time to journal... all things that I've let slip a little bit with being so busy lately, and as I know I'm busy right up to the end of January, I know that I need to address it now, before the disruption of Christmas sets in properly.

I'm a bit apprehensive about Christmas, as everyone used to come to my house - last year was the first year without my dad (as he passed away), and this year will be the first year without the rest of the family (since I've detached myself). It's not even that I'm overly worried about having a quiet Christmas - it's that I know my family will pop up at some point and kick up a fuss and cause trouble - that's the thing I'm dreading!

So all I can do is attend to my own needs and try to be in as good a place as possible, ready for when it happens

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