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shh - I think it's so cool that you asked for what you wanted and your T did it! When I  ended with my former T I asked for a note with a couple of the sayings she always said to me and she said no because she thought I had them in my head. I was disappointed.

Joanna - I'm a total believer in transitional objects. Current T gave me a little fist sized stuffed guy early in our time together when he realized how much I struggle w/separation. I bring it with me to therapy every time and T touches his nose and "loads him up" with positive energy. Then I clutch that little guy when I want to remember the connection. Kind of silly for a 40 something year old but the little kid inside me LOVES it. It's gone with me on travels and all kinds of places.

My hubby just did a race in another country and he was very nervous about going alone and how he would do. I found a stuffed animal that he could put in his carry on bag and told him that it had courage from me inside it. He took it with him and when we did our video calls the stuffed animal always got on the camera and said hi.

I think some of my clothes might be transitional objects. There are certain things I like to wear that I associate confidence or comfort with.  

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