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This all sounds good, Shh.  Congratulations.

About the prices of organic food: Once your focus is on quality food you may discover that
what you buy and how you spend changes.  Yes, organic food is more expensive.  But when
your focus is on eating food that is dense nutritionally you eliminate many non nourishing and expensive foods.

You also eat less meat and more fruits and vegetables.
You also keep to the minimum or eliminate entirely convenience foods. In other words, you
start cooking again and in new ways.

So you buy high quality, make nutrition based choices that meet your particular physical needs and prepare your food with care.

Often this system turns out to be much better for your mind and body and cheaper too.

Bon adventura on this journey!

P.S. You might want to look at the book and cookbook - it comes as a set - of
The Abascal Way: to quiet inflammation, by Kathy Abascal. 

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