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so sorry to use this area to change the subject a little, but some of us have known each other quite some time. I want to let you know that my sweet mama is losing her battle with dementia. We have a few more days with her. this is a very stressful time and I could use it as an opportunity to relapse. Instead, I find that I am sticking to a gluten free, vegetarian diet. I have been experiencing some early menopausal symptoms such as sweating and missed cycles here and there. My mom had a late meno -pause . I'm trying to take a more natural approach with my diet. Using coconut oil to bake and fry with. avoiding soda- especially diet sodas. 
I am in a support group that is helping me to get thru my moms illness Without relapsing. I've been using my insulin correctly and not manipulating it to lose weight. I had been in a weekend ED program but had to terminate early to help with my mom who was living at home until this current hospitalization. I meditate and write out quotes I like. I read my HHH to keep myself grounded. 
say a prayer for my mama that she will stay comfortable.  pray for my dad for strength as well as the rest of us As we say goodbye to mom. Pray that I can stay in recovery during this rough time. Thanks guys, for listening ❤️

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