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sand tables are good. Yoga or sketching body sculptures would be too triggering for me initially, I think. I would pull away. Perhaps playdough or clay..beading..these are calming activities that may help someone to open up or talk off the top of their head. They are things that invoke childhood memories. sand art, therapy dog, fish pond, a garden. Watching children in a park could be good..or could be bad...depending on how the person relates to the children they see or the interactions happening with their parents or sitters. If they see a child crying, or getting yelled at, or scared at the top of the slide, or sitting alone in the corner of the sandbox...this could start conversation or shut someone down. So that one is a gamble, but could have tremendous effect in moving in the right direction. You could also get one of those expression charts with the faces that show different emotions...sad, happy, angry, worried, surprised, mischievous...and have the client circle different emotions they are feeling and then perhaps discuss the emotion if the client is able and willing...explore as safely as you can.

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