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Dear Jackie,

Thank you for your post  Your last sentence gets to a powerful issue many people find difficult to confront.  If you are more concerned about other people's feelings than your own you hamper your ability to live your authentic life.  

In fact, you may never discover your authentic life because you are catering to other people and deferring, putting on hold or never even discovering what you genuinely want and care about.

I'm glad to know you are discovering your boundary issues and so glad Healing Your Hungry Heart helped you to your realizations.

Eventually it comes down to each of us living in our own skins and needing to take the consequences of our actions.  Those consequences can be negative, but they can also be quite positive.

Your doctor will face the consequences of his odd behavior by losing his patient.  You will face the consequences of your actions by, hopefully, finding more competent and empathic medical care.

Sounds like you are on a healing journey, Jackie.  Please let us know how you are doing.

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