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quick remark. Qnexa is a combination drug of Topamax (anti-seizure drug/mood stabalizer) and Phentermine (half of the banned Phen-Phen drug from years ago). I have taken Topamax and Phentermine separately. I can tell you that Topamax is dangerous in and of itself due to the dopey effect it has on its users. I would run red lights on Topamax. I couldn't focus or concentrate at work. I felt like my mind was going so slow. Phentermine is available over the counter now. I have abused this in the past...in fact, I think there is some in my purse now, although I haven't used it in weeks. It makes my heart beat so fast, makes me nauseated. Of course, I don't want to eat when I feel like that...but I really don't like feeling like that either. So the thought of putting those two together makes my mind spin. I want to add more to the conversation, but just wanted to put this out there. tracy

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