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I'm glad you found the courage to write Tracy!  We miss you!!

I know what you're saying about hinding in the ED to avoid the abuse issues.  I kept telling myself that I couldn't face the abuse until my ED was perfectly gone.  So every time I'd have an ED thought (didn't have to do the behavior), I'd tell myself I was still too weak in ED recovery to face the abuse.  I actually had to stop going to my community support group (had already ended the theraputic group) as a way of telling myself it was time to move on. I also stopped reading the forums on this website (only read the blogs).   I found a sexual abuse survivors group and it got me focused on what I needed and was ready to face.  I still kept my other ED supports in place in case my ED did become an issue, but I really was farther along in that part of my recovery than I first wantd to believe.  (obviously I also returned to these forums!)

Tracy, I hope find a balance between the two issues.....they are siblings afterall. I know people who do them both at the same time, and others like me who had to face one at a time.  I trust you'll figure out what's right for you!!

Positive thoughts heading your way, so don't duck! :)   

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