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Last night I went out without my kids and asked my parents to watch my girls. I left my older one there for the night and was able to get an extra hour of sleep this morning as my little one actually slept in. I went to bed a little earlier last night as well, so I probably gained a couple hours of sleep overall. I do feel more refreshed this morning and less anxious. I noticed that I am not bouncing off the walls frenetically and doing everything in a hurried manner. I made a nourishing breakfast which I was able to eat in peace as my girls are not both here fighting and picking on each other. I am watching my 4 year old play independently and quietly. I have my french doors open and I actually have slowed down enough to hear the birds...I forget they are out there sometimes. I asked my parents to keep my older child for the day so that I can continue to keep some quiet around the house while I get some work done. I don't usually ask for help from my parents, but today I pretty much told my mom I need her to do this for me. I so desperately need a calm day. I am going to work on my bedroom today. I don't need to buy anything new, I just need to straighten up the stuff I already have :) I am going to try and sleep there tonight. Keep you posted. :)

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