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So my kids are grown up and I worried a lot about how my issues and my Ed would effect them.  We've talked about it and they tell me that my willingness to reach out for help and to be a little selfish to take care of myself showed them how to handle things that came their way. 

My youngest who is a dancer said my Ed struggles kept her from folding into peer pressure of ED behaviors.  Two of three of my girls have or are in therapy right now and I'm actually proud of that because I taught them that everyone needs help at some time and it's OK to not always be "super woman" and that there is strength in weakness. 

I'm very close to my girls now and we talk about the REAL things in life....like what's hurting us and what our dreams are. 

So I hope no one worries about the effects on your kids when you are actually setting a good example for them!!!  And if your kids are expressing their feelings towards your, good or "bad", that's a good thing!!!  I wasn't allowed to sharing any of mine with my mom and it's caused me a lot of pain as an adult, so celebrate those moments as you grit your teeth and wonder why you had children :) 

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