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I'm trying to remember how I found this site. I was in the throes of starvation and desperate for information that would help me.  I believe I was looking for information that would help me understand WHY I was doing this to myself and how I could get "better". I remember feeling so desperate. 

I had started therapy again and was having a ton of anxiety.  When I found your site I was so excited to learn that you understood from first hand experience what it was I was going through. I had to order your book because my Barnes and Noble did not have copies. 

Despite your advice not to, I devoured the book in one or two days.  I have read it three times total, more slowly the second and third times.  I wanted to know how I could fix myself quickly. But this is no quick fix!

I found your tone in both your book and your blogs to be patient and reassuring,  offering hope to me that if you could get better I could.  I also stopped feeling so ashamed and guilty about my ED - after all, you have been very candid. 

i like the format of your site, but I support your desire to change it for the better.

i find myself, once again, needing information on something going on in my life. We don't talk much about this situation on this site and I need help. 
I have been engaging in self-injury and I am quite ashamed. I know how my past abuse ties into this, but I am wondering if this has been an issue with other people here.

I would like to know how many other women here have co-morbid issues. I think people with active ED's are very complex.  I know my treatment is multi-dimensional.  We are discussing a treatment center once again. 
On that note, how does one know when inpatient is warranted?  After all, most of us are masters of denial and good at minimizing.  
I'm not sure I am helping to answer your questions.  I just know that so often your posts are very timely. I like how you often post on holidays. This is often a stressful time for people with ED's-especially with family and food as triggers.

I like how the forums are set up to address people's issues at different times in their recovery, but sometimes I don't feel my post fits in any off them. Perhaps those areas could be streamlined and made more specific? 

I am so grateful to have stumbled upon your site! I have learned a lot and grown. I have set backs but know I can come here for encouragement.  I appreciate your candor as well. I look forward to seeing where this experiment goes.  I am glad it is something that gives you pleasure. You are genuine in all you do and say.

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