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I'm just back from a mini vacation and am delighted to discover this terrific progress. Hooray, Tracy! Now, please be gentle with yourself and find a routine you can live with that allows you to maintain what you've created. You are moving chi around, honoring yourself and your children, celebrating everyone's creativity and clearing space for what you want and need to come into your lives. I have a mirror over my mantle, too. I love how it doubles plants and art. Remember, the mirror will double whatever it reflects so watch out for clutter. :) Double what you care about. I love hearing that you had "a totally peace filled day." And I hope this inspires others who are quietly reading this site. Brava, Tracy. And now, the challenge is going to bed earlier and creating an ordinary routine that maintains what you've created. Gradual, gradual, gradual until it's just a normal part of every day living. :)

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