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I remember reading this before in an earlier blog (or maybe your book), but at the time I really didn't get it. It kind of confused me but I think at the time I was desperately looking for the "solution" to my ED. Now that I've come this far, I get this poem! To me it says it in the releasing of the control over your recovery and trusting either your higher power, or the recovery process (which ever fits your beliefs.....or your feelings at the moment) that you will find your light. I love where I'm at in my recovery right now, but did it go like I planned? NOT AT ALL!! But now I know that those moments when things didn't go as I planned and I felt in my darkest, I was actually heading in the right direction. It was in the journey that my "solutions" layed not in some external instruction or action. Giving up the control and letting recovery/life/love/etc come to us in it's own time can be very hard, but it's so much easier when you learn to do it!

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