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I am almost ashamed to admit this, but I bet other people on here would probably be able to admit to this too. I have bought magazines with cover stories that focus on celebrities with weight issues just to motivate me to continue dieting. I remember being totally enthralled by the whole Nicole Richie anorexia story. I thought she was beautiful and I was jealous :( I sometimes still just sit and stare at magazines that have articles about celebrities with anorexia and look for methods they use for restricting. I have to remind myself that 1) these people are sick and 2) the photos are airbrushed to make the person look more sickly to sell the story (sometimes). I don't expect much from tabloid magazines, but I personally set higher expectations from magazines such as People, and a ton of folks subscribe to this. I think Self Magazine would also be a good forum for such a discussion as eating disorders and ed recovery. Fitness magazines would be a good place as well, and would be a great place to discuss excercise addiction. If you wanted to reach a younger audience such as the 17-30ish age group Glamour Magazine would be a popular one to reach out to young women. the problem with fashion magazines is that your article would be sandwiched inbetween pictures of anorexic models, so the story would be competing with a very strong message from the media about what women should look like despite what you are trying to say. tracy

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