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It's hard to be depressed when you are doing a service for another person. Giving without the expectation of receiving becomes one of life's best feelings! 

I belong to a free-cycle group on Facebook. The original intent was to offer and/or receive items for free. It's an excellent way to purge your closets of extraneous items that clog your space and your creativity (in my case). 

It has become so much more. We now frequently post for families that have lost much or all that they have in house fires or other tragedies. 

We collect items for people with cancer, or those starting anew with nothing.  For mothers who have no money to buy their children clothes, and the list goes on. 

Being wrapped up full time in my ED did not allow me to see the needs of those around me. My focus was always on me and how I'd get through my day without gaining weight, finding bathrooms to myself, keeping my secret to myself.

As I free myself up from these things, I can see the needs of others.  I can give without needing to receive. It's enough to know I've helped another receive joy. 

I have been on the receiving side of generosity when I have been the one that is sick or down and out. It's truly AA blessing!

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