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funny thing. I was going to post a forum question on how people handle anxiety? I think we all know by now (LOL) that I have a lot of anxiety issues. I have been trying to come up with stress relieving activities that I can do in a pinch. The obvious ones are meditation and excercise. Then I remembered this blog Joanna did several weeks ago. It kinda fits for this subject. I first want to know how some of you would answer the questions here, and also what do you do to relieve anxiety? Or when you get that panicky feeling? To respond to this particular blog more specifically, I would like to share a few things that I have done recently. I have a friend who has terminal cancer. He has a wife and 4 children. It doesn't look good for him. As friends, we have arranged to send them money to use for Disney tickets. We also have arranged meals for the family through the end of August, so far. It feels good to know that they are being loved and taken care of. It isn't about me but it does give back a feeling of warmth that I have helped care for my friends. Another way I am working on my self-esteem is thru working with my autistic daughter. I am really emmersed in learning how to help her. I am reading books and taking active part in her therapies. Ever since I realized that she is not able to control her actions at times, I have changed how I deal with her, and how I discipline her. This has given me a sense of better control over the chaos that is my evenings and weekends with a challenging child. I huge thing i have worked on over the past year is my relationship with my mother. She is quite impossible at times, very angry person who never got treatment for her chaotic childhood (alcoholic father..the one who abused me...so who knows what he did to her?) Anyway, I have learned to let things go with her. To not indulge or play into her drama and discontent. I take care of myself by walking away from situations with her that would cause me heightened anxiety.. I feel empowered and more adult-like when I handle these situations like this. I do need to pay better attention to taking care of my health. I put off going to the doctor especially the gynecologist...I have been having really bad pains in my lower abdomen for a while off and on, as well as a lump on a lymph node in my neck...I tend to just hope things will go away...and I stay so busy with my kids and family that i don't have time. I know that it's important and this is the next thing I will place as important on my list so i can responsible for giving my body care. I hate going to the dentist because I don't like to hold my mouth open...i get gagged so easily, and here again is issues with past abuse. in giving myself the gift of privacy, i have set up "mommy time" every night at 9pm...the kids must be in their rooms and I can do things i find relaxing...facebook, emailing friends, journaling, tv...i try to not use this time so much for cleaning or doing things considered "work". It is my down time. Boy I wrote a lot! Had a lot to share with myself and all of you. :)

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