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Dear Robert, I feel confident that the "exa" is no coincidence. The association to anorexia is an association to being thin. I've heard women say, "Oh, I wish I had a little anorexia" so I could keep my weight down. Just this weekend I heard a nurse talking about working in wards of women with anorexia. She said she and other nurses felt angry and sad because they couldn't lose weight and it was so easy for the patients. Good grief. I said that state of mine comes from ignorance of the illness. You wouldn't wish you had a little cancer because cancer patients become thin. That thinness is about wasting away. So is anorexia. But the not so subtle "exa" in the name of this drug may well be there to capture the attention of women who think a little anorexia would be the answer to their dreams. Thanks for posting, Robert.

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