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I like this article JP...when I feel like I'm doing my best to buy products and consume foods whose source I am happy/comfortable with, it helps me to feel more congruent, like the person I believe I am and my core values are reflected in the way I am behaving and the choices I'm making outwardly, that affect others and affect the planet as well as affecting me inwardly in helping me to feel at peace, connected and whole. 

Interestingly, my eldest daughter announced about a month ago that she had decided to become vegetarian - as a mother, my words to her were that as long as she was aware that being veggie didn't mean she could have cheese for every meal and that she'd need to be upping her intake of beans, pulses, nuts and seeds, then I would do my best to support her. She has really surpassed my expectations and has taken to it so well, that it's made me reduce my meat intake too, although I never seem to function well without some element of animal protein, so I think there will always be some meat in my diet, it has become a time to look more closely at what we eat and where it comes from, and pay more attention to trying to shop organic again (something that seems to come in waves here - it is what I believe is right, but the cost and availability doesn't always make it practical)

P.S. Every time I look at your Green Man, he reminds me of Barry Manilow :)

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