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Joanna - thank you for coming back. I missed you.

I've been a little "gone" from myself the last couple of months. For a while it felt good to not be as close to my emotions and to not feel so reactive to my environment. However self care suffered as a result. Now there is a part of me starting to try to call the rest of me back and I'm trying to figure out where I've been and why I went there and where I'm going. 

I like how you say, "Often we have to really see clearly where we are before we can make any more toward being in a new, different and more fulfillingy place." I'm finding the "seeing where I am" the most challenging. I go back and forth. I think, oh I'm not taking very good care of myself....oh wait...nothing really bad is happening here....everything is fine, well maybe not fine, but not horrible. 
Am I going to head towards thrive or hang out in survive longer?

Again, good to have you back and see everyone else on the page.

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