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I so agree with you Joanna.  When we look at the problems it seems so over-whelming but if we each do something in our own little corner of the world, I have to believe it will make a change. 

Without Joanna having an ED she wouldn't be touching our lives the way she does.  Without my ED I wouldn't have discovered the healing power of NIA and I know by bringing NIA to others, their lives wouldn't be the same.  Without my Sexual abuse I wouldn't have helped start a survivors group here and every week we have new women who share how much it means to them!

Without struggles and recovery I'd still be a zombie living day to day without hope.  Those of us who have lived through our own horrible situations have been given the gift of a new life and I believe it's our privledge and duty to share that gift with others.

I read your article Joanna, and I know for my daughter who has two boys with autism, she get a lot of support as well as practicle advice from other parents of children with autism.  I don't know if this already happens, or maybe the fear and shame prevents parents of children who seem violent from getting together, but it seems honest, heart felt articles like this one could be a start of speaking out about the problem.  It doesn't work for us to think, "well, my children are Ok so i don't have to worry about the violent boy down the street and his parent's struggle to raise his safely."  It is all our problems and the events like this last week, prove it.  It takes a village to raise a child because some of these kids need all the help they can get! 


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