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Dear Tracy,

Your post raises so many issues. It took me some time before I could respond.  I can see why there is contraversy about your decision.  

You've chosen a complex and demanding road for you and your daughter.  

In order for you to be open and clear about her experience, the challenges she faces, the quality of her daily life and the value of experiences not chosen or not yet chosen and to be willing to change your direction if she wants something different in the near or far future -  whew, that's a lot --
you have to be solid on your own recovery path.

If you go are steadfast in your recovery work you'll free your perceptions to see what's happening with your daughter.  You'll free your feelings from old routines and be able to emotionally connect with the reality of her experiences and your own.

Then you'll have the equipment within to make wise decisions for her which include staying on track or changing her mind.

No decision is final until we die.  It might turn out to be the final decision, but we don't know that till the game is over.

I wish the two of you every success in living well.  :)

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