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Tonight was a mysterious and beautiful night of wonder and inspiration. It's left me feeling good about myself and the world, as if, despite all stresses that face so many people these days, the potential for something good and grand still exists.

We had a brief but intense

heat wave here in Los Angeles.  Monday the temperature on the westside, which is usually the cool side of town since it's close to the ocean, was 113. Today, Wednesday we got down to 90 with humidity.

Early evening the air felt as I remembered Connecticut air on a hot summer night. The conversation among adults and then children was, "We're going to have a break soon.  You can feel it coming." 

And I could feel something coming.  The air was hot and full of moisture. Something, not the air and not me, but something was vibrating. I could feel energy building.  And, when that energy built to a breaking point, thunder rolled, lightning flashed and the rain fell in torrents. 

That rain marked the end of the hot spell.  Day or night, but usually night, we children were allowed to run out on the grass in the downpour.

I left my home for the first night of my group meditation sit in Santa Monica. I felt the thickness of the air and mused over memories of my childhood in Ansonia, Connecticut. When I turned the corner into the street to park in front of my destination, another car pulled up.  I saw the driver jump out and start taking photographs.

When I followed her eye I saw the rainbow.  Then I heard a brief crack of thunder and even saw a narrow line of lightning.

No rain.  Just a mysterious and wonderful colorful rainbow in the dark night sky.

Hours later, when I got home, I found messages on m voice mail.  "Joanna!  It looks like the double rainbow is coming down right on your house!"

I have such a good feeling tonight.  I feel like positive forces beyond human control exist in this world. I don't know what atmospheric conditions created this unusual Los Angeles phenomenon tonight.  I only know I'm smiling and I feel good in the cells of my body as well as my mind. 

As I think about it I realize that part of the joy of this night is that so many people have had to be sharing it, even though we don't know each other and probably never will.  We have a rainbow connection.

What kinds of surprising experiences have given you a lift? Can you recall some natural phenomena that inspired you?

Connecting with natural forces and sharing is part of eating disorder recovery.  We all are natural forces, and we can be touched by rainbows.











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