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I'm beginning to think that if I get through this series of 300 we might have a eating disorder relapse check in place.  When you feel you are relapsing you get frightened that you are going back to the months or years of eating disorder misery. You worry or panic over your behavior.  You don't know how to stop and you look for something or someone to hang on to.  But while you are looking, you are bingeing or starving or throwing up.

What's happening is that you have healed and developed enough to no longer need your eating disorder.  You moved beyond it.  But, in moving beyond it you increased the complexity and challenges in your life.  This is great.  At some point you hit a psychological place where you need some psychological strength and resilience that isn't there.  You moved your life beyond your development.

In that bewildering place when you can find nothing inside to help you cope, you reach out for what filled in your blanks in the past, your eating disorder.  This signals, not that you are going back, but that you have moved forward and need to do more work.

But what work?  That's where these 300 maxims might come in handy.  I hope you will be able to cruise through the different points and see which relate to you. When one rings out to you personally then you can dig in to your new healing and development work which makes the eating disorder an unnecessary and obsolete tool.

When have you experienced a relapse? What did you discover you needed to learn or develop in order to heal and move on?


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