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I found a sentence in my inspirational reading today that let a fresh breeze waft through my mind and heart. All the other sentences were nice enough, even profound at times and thought provoking often.  But this one rose like a clear breath of sweet wisdom that gave me comfort, reassurance, friendship and warmth.  Maybe it will be significant for you too.

The sentence is, "Stroll through the open spaces of time to the center of opportunity." *

We are living in a time of stress and constant demand.  Many of us are pulled into the call to be available and "on" 24/7.

If we are not giving in to this demand we are making a powerful effort to resist it. That, in itself, can be a 24/7 job.   I saw a tweet yesterday where the writer was bemoaning the fact that he would be in a place for a few hours where he couldn't tweet.

If you have an eating disorder you are living within the all or none principle. You are acting on impulse or holding yourself back from honoring what you need.  You take too much or you take too little.  You are not doing enough or you are doing too much.  Your emotions go wild or you go into a kind of numbness where you don't feel much of anything.

But what if you could stroll through the open spaces of time to the center of opportunity? What would that mean in your life and in your daily decisions?

I love this question and the possible answers that arise.   What comes up for you?


* quote comes from #56 in Baltasar Gracian's, The Art of Worldly Wisdom: a pocket oracle.

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