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Levels two and three of six to recognize and move beyond bulimia triggers.

Level 2

You begin to restrain yourself from acting out your binge or purge. This is a stressful time full of anxiety and paradoxical thoughts and feelings. You say to yourself:

“I want to.” “I won’t.” “Just one last time.” “No.” “Yes.” “Just a little.” “It’s never a little.”

You might feel dizzy, off balance, afraid. Your vision might go into a light strobe action, as if everything were going through a slight shudder.

You might feel your gorge rise and fall as if your body were trying to get ahead of the binge purge cycle and just rumble as if you were going to heave. You succumb. You binge. You go back to Level One.

You may or may not be able to look at what preceded the episode.

Level 3

Now you restrain yourself from acting out your binge or purge and Your agony is the same as at Level 2. But this time you call for help from an established and trusted resource person to help get you through the experience without acting out.

You may be so relieved that you didn’t act out that your mind shuts down for a while. Or you may get a window into seeing what triggered you in a way you could never see before. 

You are making progress!


Level 1

Level 4

Levels 5 and 6

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