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lunapic journal 135537444653538 10December is a month of holidays, rituals, school breaks with family anniversaries and birthdays often thrown in the mix just to make everything more hectic and fun or stressful, depending on your state of mind.

If you feel pressure to perform according to exacting expectations coming from your own self talk or from other people, try this journal exercise.

I experimented with a draw on line program to give you the feel of what I'm saying here.

Your journal is yours.

  1. Drop all expectations of doing it right.
  2. Drop all concerns about doing it wrong.  
  3. Write in big letters across one whole page:  This journal is mine!
  4. Write your freedom song!
  5. I can write upsidedown, and write that upsidedown.
  6. I can misspell words, and mizpl thm.
  7. Leave out punctuation 
  8. Don't cross your t's or dot your eyes.
  9. Write with different colors
  10. Glue or tape pictures to your journal
  11. Draw pictures or make designs on your pages
  12. Say what you think
  13. Dare to vent, dream, wish, challenge, create or destroy
  14. Write letters and pictures that are sounds - not words
  15. Get rid of margins

Make it your place to practice letting go of xepectations, rules, demands from yourself and others.
Give yourself some breathing room and stretch out.

You'll refresh yourself and discover some daring you didn't know you had and might need now.

Let me know what happens!

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