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Periodically I am asked about influences in my life from mentors. I've been thinking, until just this minute, about living mentors I been gifted with in my life.  But I also have powerful mentors I've never known.  One of the best is Winston Churchill. Yes, Winston Churchill helps me in eating disorder recovery.

When I read his memoirs of WWII I was struck into an internal vibrating awe when he wrote, "You must meet the enemy with a steady gaze." 

I knew what he was talking about.  He was facing Hitler and later Stalin.  I was facing destructive elements in my patients and myself, the aspects of their psyches they denied, the aspects that my own psyche wanted to deny too. 

But I had to be present for that so the person I was working with would learn that since I could be present for it, so could she or he.  It's about being present for the dark side and dealing with it well, firmly, thoroughly, not turning away and by so doing, giving it more power.

Then I and we could appreciate the experience of the psyche struggling to heal, empathize and understand that and add love and genuine support to the healing that could and would overcome that darkness.

I named my dog Winston.  Winston Churchill remains an ever present and needed mentor.

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