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Over at the "Little About" blog the author has some interesting things say about sugar substitutes.

A handful of studies, starting in the 1980s, suggested that regular use of artificial sweeteners might even make people eat more, rather than less, by stimulating their appetites without satisfying them.

You can see a vivid example of this if you go early to a large OA meeting. In the parking lot you will see people emerging from their cars, diet soda in hand.


If you have an eating disorder you do what you can to limit calories. You limit them because you are anorexic and want to be in control of your caloric intake.  You limit them because you are bulimic or a binge eater.  You want to keep zero calorie foods available so you have less punishing consequences when your eating is out of control.

Now research is showing that if your mouth tastes sweetness from something other than sugar, your brain will know and will not experience a sense of satisfaction.

Taking in sugar substitutes may actually increase your cravings for sugar.

Eating disorder recovery requires that you cooperate with the real human body you are born with.  And that means giving yourself genuine nourishment.  If you don't, your human brain will know the difference.

Good luck and by all means share your thoughts and experiences here.


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