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A joyous wake up call just blasted stereotypes about women completely out of rigid cultural perceptions.  It happened on the Britains Got Talent show.  Susan Boyle, the wrong age, shape, size, and in the wrong hair style, makeup, dress and shoes according to cultural dictates of what constitutes desireable women, ploughed into the hearts and minds of everyone who heard her sing her audition piece, "I dreamed a dream,"from Les Miserables.

Away with rubbish!


Her magnificent voice, carrying the depth of human emotion, hit our senses with her first note. Her talent and strength never let up. As she carried through her song I believe we savored each moment both for the beauty she gave and for the cleansing in our minds of judgemental rubbish we've been carrying around for decades.

Her performance is moving through the world at the speed of light touching hearts and minds with a glowing light of love and respect for a whole person, a whole woman who doesn't live by the beauty standards of high fashion models or celebrity film women.

Heart and dedication blast through formidible obstacles

Her heart and soul, her obvious dedication to her music, her blazing talent and miraculous range, brought a magnificent beauty to the attention of the world.

And it's all the more wonderful because the stereotype and cultural belief has been, till this moment, that women with a certain appearance could never, even remotely have the power to light up humanity with the force of Susan's heart coming through her incredibly magnificent voice.

The message to women with eating disorders

If you have an eating disorder, I hope with all my heart, that you will heed the cultural message that Susan Boyle brings to us all.

Your harsh judgements based on how you believe you look are wrong.

Your belief that you have to lose a certain amount of weight before you can be successful or even try to go for your heart's desire is wrong.

Your belief that other people's perceptions of you will devastate you is wrong.

And isn't it wonderful to be so very, very wrong?

What's right?

Follow your heart.

Go for what you care about.

Show up for opportunity.

Practice, practice, practice.

Be audacious.

Honor and respect what you care about and give it your all.

And......never give up!

Talking about Susan


Susan Boyle - talent without judgement

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