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I'm in Taos, New Mexico getting introduced to the Taos Plateau Volcanic Field. As I explore the rocks and learn how ignaceous rocks are formed I can't help but make a comparison between the human mind and the structure of the earth.

Under the crust of the earth is the fiery mantle. Temperatures so high that rock flows like water and condensese minerals so tightly that they get become a thin line within the flow. So that's where "veins" of ore come from!

Yet we humans often have a psychological crust, the surface we present to other people.  Below that crust flow our fiery passions.  If you hve an eating disorder you try to keep

those passions contained from you and everyone else.  Yet you have occasional and uncontrollable eruptions like binges or purging episodes, crying jags, outburts of anger.  The continuous and unrelenting inner pressures, like those within the earth, make eruptions unavoidable, maybe even necessary in order to keep your identity intact.

Where you differ from the earth is that you are conscious.  And while the earth benefits from expressing itself in volcanic acts, you do not.  You can find ways to understand and metabolize your passions so you can express them in ways that benefit you.

Recovery is necessary to do this.  With desire, knowledge and awareness you can learn to work with your inner passions and create a more healthy and satisfying life. 

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